Whilton Mill launches new race academy at FREE to attend trial event.

30 Jan 2024

  • FREE to attend launch events in February
  • New modular approach to learning the science of speed
  • In partnership with Espire Education, providers of STEM On track to schools globally
WM Academy

30.01.2024, Northamptonshire, UK: From humble beginnings, Whilton Mill has evolved to become a mecca for karting and hosts several major karting championships, including British Kart Championships. As a national hub for competitive go-kart racing, Whilton Mill now offers a structured path for those wishing to step up from leisure karting to competitive racing.

FREE 20-minute karting session…

To help interested parties learn more about the new Karting Academy, Whilton Mill will host several launch events in February. These FREE to attend event includes a 20-minute on-track trial in 160cc Honda powered cadet karts. There will be various arrival times throughout the day and every session kicks off with an informative talk from Senior Coach, Adam Sirett.

Click below to check dates and book your place on the free to attend launch events held throughout February. Places are limited and on a first come first served basis. Drivers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the event. No previous experience is required but drivers need to be between 6 and 11 years old, and a minimum height of 1.22m.

Whilton Mill partners with Espire Education to deliver training modules…

Whilton Mill are proud to have partnered with Espire Education to deliver academy training modules. Founded by Adam Sirett, a former teacher and kart racer, Espire are making a name for themselves by bringing STEM learning to life through the medium of motorsport. Espire’s STEM On-track programme has received global interest and is set to change the way our children learn. More about Espire Education can be found at www.espireeducation.co.uk/.

Adam Sirett, Senior Coach, said “With a background in teaching, race engineering, and a lifetime of kart racing I founded Espire Education to help students learn STEM subjects through the exciting world of Motorsport. I am thrilled to be working with Whilton Mill Karting Academy to teach students the foundations of going fast and develop them into the complete racer.” 

race academy

Progression from novice to complete driver…

A competitive arrive & drive championship will be open to members to enter towards the end of 2024. However, the core skills needed to race must be acquired first through attending each academy module. Members will have the opportunity to accelerate the learning process by attending additional, but optional, structured practice sessions. In summary, the Whilton Mill Karting Academy will offer:

  • Karting Academy Membership
  • Six Training Modules
  • Karting Academy Practice
  • Wednesday Night Open Practice
  • Arrive & Drive Championship – coming soon

20% discount off Academy Modules and Practice for launch event attendees…

What’s more, those attending the launch event on the 20th February will receive a generous 20% discount off Academy Modules and Practice booked on the day.

More information on the Whilton Mill Karting Academy can be found at Karting Academy. Alternatively, email us at karting@whiltonmill.co.uk or call 01327 843822.


Drive & Dine; 30-minutes of Arrive & Drive karting with a meal for just £38 per driver!