The Crazi-bugs are coming!

06 Jul 2021

Don’t worry, we’re not under attack by a swarm of crazed creepy crawlies! Arriving in August 2021 are the coolest and maddest electrically powered all-terrain vehicles.

These UK designed and built, mini, six-wheeled, all electric buggies will let younger adventurers whiz around a multitude of terrains giving them a taste of driving off-road in the real-world.

Test pilot Eva, aged 9, saidI love that I’m in control and decide where to go. Not too fast, not too slow, they’re just right for going over the obstacles, which is really exciting’.

Our powered adventure play area is in construction and will feature a log run, water splash, Whilton hills, tyre tunnel and exercise ball alley. It will be ready for service from 1st August 2021.

The Crazi-bugz experience is ideal for young off-roaders aged 6 to 14, up to a maximum weight of 80kg.

No previous experience is required. A full safety briefing is given on the day by our Outdoor Activity Manager. They’ll be on hand throughout the session providing supervision and support. Should things get a little out of control, the Crazi-bugz can be stopped in their tracks by a remote kill switch.

On sale now, the Crazi-bugz experience will cost £25 for 30-minute experience. This includes a safety briefing, instruction on how to drive these six-wheeled electrically powered buggies, before taking on the powered adventure play area.

  • On sale now
  • Dates available from 1st August 2021
  • £25 for 30-minite experience
  • Session time includes safety briefing, instruction and 20-minute drive around our powered adventure play area
  • For children aged 6-14; max weight 80kgs


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