Sport and physical activity at the heart of our national recovery…

09 Apr 2021

Race action from Whilton Mill Kart Club

We have to thank the Culture Secretary and Sport Minister for their recent comments on the reopening of outdoor sports. Our phones have been ringing off the hook! To paraphrase…

‘Sport and physical activity will be at the heart of our national recovery and today marks a really important step forward.’

‘We want to encourage everyone to get into sport. No matter what age or ability, there will be a sport out there for you.’

Spot on gentlemen and just maybe karting is the sport for you?

You’re going to burn some calories…

Karting isn’t like your average drive to work, well hopefully not. There’s no power steering or assisted brakes. You’re driving at your absolute limit to get in a good lap and to beat your mate. What’s more, this is all on the UK’s most demanding kart circuit with its combination of flowing and fast corners. There’s no doubt that a race at Whilton Mill Kart Circuit is physical workout. You’re also going to burn some serious calories.

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s well-reported, even more so recently, that spending time enjoying outdoor sports or activities are great for well-being. It helps to improve mental health through better sleep, better moods and managing stress and anxiety.

It’s fair to say that the last 12-months have been tough on most of us. On top of the work, health and financial stresses induced by the coronavirus crisis, many of us have been couped up at home, away from friends and colleagues and dealing with the extra burden of home schooling. Humans are sociable beasts, and we like to spend time with family, friends and colleagues. Often that will be time spent doing fun things and enjoying activities together. I for one have missed clay shooting and I can’t wait to catch up with my Dad to smash a few clays.

Outdoor physical activity can be good for your fitness and mental health…

My point is that karting is not only a widely enjoyed sport, like any other outdoor physical activity, it can also be good for your fitness and mental health. Karting is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed with other like-minded individuals. With a group of friends or family and as a team of work colleagues.

Talking of work colleagues, a karting event is an excellent way to reignite and motive a work force. It can give employees something to look forward to and make them feel appreciated. Pre and post-race banter is perfect for learning to socialise again having spent the last 12-months on zoom calls from the bedroom, kitchen table or garden shed.

At Whilton Mill Karting & Outdoor Activities we offer Arrive & Drive karting experiences and Open Sprints for individuals. Sprint, Grand Prix or Endurance race formats for groups, be that a group of friends, work colleagues or clients. As well as karting, we also offer clay target shooting and quad biking, that can be enjoyed individually, with friends, colleagues or as part of a multi-activity.

Whatever your motivation is, whether it’s to try a new sport, meet up with friends or to give your employees something to look forward to. Or even to play your part in the national recovery. Give us a call to find out what’s on and book up today.

Written by: Daniel Whittemore, Sales & Marketing Director, Whilton Mill Ltd


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