Lap times tumbling in the new Biz Kart Evo 3

29 Sep 2021

Biz Kart Evo 3 on start line

Whilton Mill Karting & Outdoor Activities was delighted to take delivery of a new fleet of rental karts on 22nd September. The British designed and built, Biz Kart Evo 3’s, represent a significant investment by owners, Roger & Sarah Ashby.

“We value our customers and early on we adopted the approach of continually improving the experience they receive. The new Biz Karts are the most recent in a long line of improvements that have included a fantastic new clubhouse and restaurant. We opted for the Biz Kart Evo 3 this time round as the sleeker and lighter design appealed, as did it’s British heritage.” Said Roger Ashby.

The new Biz Kart Evo 3 is powered by the thumping Honda 390cc engine, which swiftly propels the kart up to 50 mph. The Biz Kart Evo’s benefit from adjustable pedals and seats and a super-silent exhaust system, which still has a nice rasp.

In terms of performance, the Biz Evo 3’s are no different to the outgoing fleet and lap times on the National Circuit are already tumbling to the mid 46 seconds.

Daniel Whittemore, Sales & Marketing Director, commented “As soon as the new karts arrived, we invited regular customers to an exclusive preview event to try out our new wheels. The feedback has been very positive with most sharing the same view that the Biz Evo 3 is well balanced, responsive and requires a lighter touch. Now that the new fleet is here, we plan to run more Open Grand Prix formats and will schedule at least four The 300’s in 2022, which is a popular 300-lap team endurance race on the International Circuit”.

The 390cc Biz Evo 3’s are for use on the National (960M) and International (1200M) circuits by customers aged 14+ in practice and race formats, available as open or group events.


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